Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sun dress

I first saw this dress on One Pretty thing. I book marked it and new I wanted to give it a try. Then a few weeks later someone else posted about it and I bookmarked it, not knowing it was the same dress until I went into the details. So I figured I should give it a try since I liked it so much.

I was a little intimidated by all the details. All in all it came out ok. If I were to make it again I know the things I would change. I would not make it taper in...it barely fits over my bum. I did a 16 due to my bust size, which made the skirt portion supper big. In this picture I even took the sides in after it was together. It kinda made me look pregnant.

These are changes I don't think i could have made until I tried to make the dress already. I wish the pattern pieces had information on top, bottom, and attach here. I had to take the bust pieces apart because I had them sewn wrong (I'm sure my fault, I have a hard time reading patterns).

the bust detail

my strap didn't quite come out the way it was suppose to, but I like it


inday_adin said...

I love the color of the dress. It is so summery! :) I haven't tried making my own dress yet. :) You did good!

Adin B

craftedbymama said...

Adin, you are always so kind with your comments. Thanks.