Friday, March 19, 2010

Mei Tai

I was interested in trying a new type of baby carrier, so after searching I found the Mei Tai. I couldn't wait to give it a try. I changed it up added what I wanted and off I went. If your interested here is a tutorial for you.

This is just a guide line, what worked for me. If you make please make sure your baby is safe at all times! Use at your own risk

If you don't sew and would like one please contact me.

If you have any questions please ask and I will try to help you along. I would love to see yours.

Edit: a comment was left to use only bottom weight fabric for middle, which was done here, just not specified. You may also like to do the triple stitch box if you feel more comfortable.
all materials, cut and ready to go
Top end pleated 3 folds (excuse the string I never cut till the end)
Head support stitched and turned right side out

open top that was used to turn right side

4 straps stitched to middle body piece. bottom 2 at an angle, top 2 at top

Support straps, with knot
layering order, middle body

1st outer layer face up

head support

2nd outer fabric face down

support loop

Support loop cut in half

Support loops attached at beginning of padding

the straps I forgot to attached before I closed head support

Mei Tie directions


2 of each fabric 10x60 top

2 of each fabric 10x40 bottom

2 batting 7x20


1 heavy fabric 23x19

2 of “fancy” fabric 23x19


2 of “fancy” fabric 12x16

Straps loops: 1 1.5x8

Support straps: 2 2x18

Top strap:

Sew wrong sides together of straps, turn right side, insert batting pin 6 inch from top. Sew rectangle around batting to secure. Top stitch straps. I pinned 7inches and wish I had done 6 inches.

Repeat for next strap.

Bottom strap:

Sew wrong sides together turn right side out, top stitch

Pleat top of each strap


Pin each top strap .5 inch from edge

Pin each bottom strap at an angel over each corner

Sew a box with an x on each strap

Support straps: fold both edges to center then fold in half, sew down middle. Tie a knot at one end

Head support:

1 fabric face up place support straps 1 inch from end of head support fabric, place next fabric face down (so right sides are together).

(I forgot this to place strap before sewing and just added them at the end, I would have liked this look better)

Sew together leaving a opening for turning.

Turn and top stitch.

Putting body together:

I wanted the different sides to be showing (straps one fabric body another) so I placed the opposite fabric from the straps down firsts. If you want to have straps match the body then first lay down the fabric that matches the straps

Lay piece with straps down, next lay decorative fabric face up, head support next (this will be longer than the space between straps, it’s ok), last lay last decorative fabric face down. Pin

Sew in 4 sections starting at ¾ inch from each strap until ¾ in of next strap.

Turn using a the section not stitched at the straps

Top stitch.

(You will have to work at each corner and tuck you middle fabric in so it is not showing)

Strap loops:

Fold each long end to the center then fold in half, stitch, cut in half

I added mine right where the padding started in the center

I first stitched away from body then folded over so loop is going toward the body and stitched one last time


Sarah said...

Very cute! I love wearing my little girl, but haven't tried making one of these yet ... you have inspired me to give it a go :)

Thanks a lot,


Dolly Donations

Kari said...

You should be triple stitching your X-Boxes. Also, only bottomweights like canvas,denim or twill should be used for the internal layer of the body or the straps. After that, any decorative fabric may be used for the outside of the Mei Tai body panels. Constructing a Mei Tai needs to be done safely. I would suggest revising your tutorial/instructions according to the more widely used tutorials by experienced Babywearers. Sleeping Baby Productions is one website I suggest. ;)

fawnda said...

Very cute! I love our baby carrier too {we adopted from Korea so we used one we got while we were in Korea picking up our son!} I love the fabric that you used! : )

ickeshuchfamily said...

Thank you for your comment. If you look closely you will see that bottom weight fabric is being used. I will specify though. I will also take in to consideration about stitching the box 3 times. I didn't do it with all the top stitching I felt comfortable. I have been making and selling baby slings for years now. With no complaints from my customers. This was something I tried and like and wanted to share. I encourage everyone to do what makes them feel safe.

Tam @ Sew Dang Cute said...

Very cute! I love the colors you chose. Thanks for participating in my link party! All of your baby slings/carriers are AWESOME!!!