Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quiet Book

For Savannah's birthday I started a quiet book. I say started because it only has 10 pages, but I love every page. Savannah has been playing with it, well more like eating the pages. Austin has asked me to make a book for him. I will have to work on that one. Most of the pages came from other blogs, but a few were mine.

I have to say a big thank you to My mother and Father in-law they put the things on the edge of the page so the rings could go through. I wanted the rings so I could add pages as I went.

Everything I used I had on hand. It was a goal to not purchase any new materials. It worked!

I'm pretty sure this was me...just some simple felt color balloons to match

Mine as well, under each flap is a family member, after it was done I thought I should add a spot for her photo:)

Mine, matching shapes with different fabric

a mitt to put her hand in both the little ones love this one
I got this from Here

This was mine, but I think every quiet book has a version, it has ruff, soft, silk, and bump fabric

Little girl with clothes and on the left side is pocket with zipper to hold the clothes
also gotten here.

When I saw this I just had to have it from homemade by Jill

The back has 2 pockets to store all the lose pieces

Thursday, July 29, 2010

So many new things

She even left it on to play

Wow! I have so many new things to share, but now finding the time to blog about them!

Savannah's birthday party took it all out of me. Now I know why I only had 1 decoration for Austin's 1st birthday. But now the bar is set high, his birthday is the end of August and he is expecting a big deal on decorations he is even helping me pick things out! I created a monster!

So in the days to come I hope to share all the things I did for Savannah's birthday, a skirt I made myself, and Savannah's quiet book (she loves it).

But for today I have to share this hat I completed last night! A little girl came to her party that had a hat similar but straw (oh she looked so cute). I couldn't wait to try it. Then I remembered I bookmarked a pattern similar for myself I just had not gotten to it yet. So I modified it for Savannah. I really only used the shape of the top of the hat.

here is the link I referenced

A little pop of color under the hat" target="_blank">Sumo Sweet Stuff"/>


Show and Tell Green

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sun dress

I first saw this dress on One Pretty thing. I book marked it and new I wanted to give it a try. Then a few weeks later someone else posted about it and I bookmarked it, not knowing it was the same dress until I went into the details. So I figured I should give it a try since I liked it so much.

I was a little intimidated by all the details. All in all it came out ok. If I were to make it again I know the things I would change. I would not make it taper barely fits over my bum. I did a 16 due to my bust size, which made the skirt portion supper big. In this picture I even took the sides in after it was together. It kinda made me look pregnant.

These are changes I don't think i could have made until I tried to make the dress already. I wish the pattern pieces had information on top, bottom, and attach here. I had to take the bust pieces apart because I had them sewn wrong (I'm sure my fault, I have a hard time reading patterns).

the bust detail

my strap didn't quite come out the way it was suppose to, but I like it

space saving tip

I get pretty upset when my husband feeds Savannah without a bib. It always ruins her clothes. He usually tells me he couldn't find one or forgot.

I have a solution: The bar across the the back of the highchair! It emptied one of my kitchen draws and made it easy to access bibs. And there is no way he can say he couldn't find them.

He has been pretty good about it ever since I placed them there.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

One shoulder shirt

I have been getting this e-mail newsletter from Burda Style. It has some great patterns and projects some for free and some you have to pay a small fee. This week I saw so many patterns I wanted to try and of course non of them were for free. (I want to try the one in the top left corner). So I thought I would try to figure 1 out on my own and save my money for the more complicated one. After you pay for the pattern, paper and ink it becomes quiet expensive. The fee it self is not much.

So my version came out pretty close, it did take me a little longer than if I had bought the pattern, just figuring out how to peace it together and I had to use the seam ripper a few times. But I wore it tonight and loved it. Maybe just a tad longer next time.

the ruffle is just rolled up, I didn't catch it before my self photo session. (boy that needs work)


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthday Crown

I think this will be the last of the birthday items I share until the actual big day. I got this one from HandmadebyJill again. She was right it was pretty quick.

I had to get a thicker piece of felt for the darker pink they didn't have it in regular sheet felt. But I like it because it has sparkles on it, but because it is a thicker felt when if folds 2 creases are made down each side.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Paper Pom Poms

I think the fan overhead was making the photo's blurry

I have 4 big, 8 med, 2 small

So the next item on my list was Paper Pom Poms. They were pretty easy and fun to make. I got the original idea from Handmade by Jill, who gave a link to Martha Stewart.

I got my paper tissue at five below for $1 each pack of 10. You need 8 sheets per big one. I ended up making my own size as I went and have 3 sizes to hang. We will have tents outside and food on the porch, so I plan on hanging them in the tents and on the porch over the food.

My list of items has changed quite a bit. It now looks something like this:
Pom Poms-done
Photo banner-work in progress
Happy birthday banner-work in progress
Birthday crown-done
conversation hearts-done (I think)
favors (bubbles)-done-
cake (i got the pan)
heart shaped cookies
quitebook_not even started, it's her gift so if it doesn't get done by party I am ok with it, it will be done soon.

I went to five bellow yesterday to see what they had. It turns out they had quite a bit. I am focusing on light pink and dark pink. I got 3 plan table cloths (I might stamp hearts on them), plates, napkins, pink bubbles and all my tissue paper.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

diy ladder golf

Sorry posting has been a little light. I have been hard at work...literally and also on Savannah's party. I have been trying to pick up extra shifts because we are gone most of August.

I have so many projects going that not to many are at the finishing stages at the moment.

But since Savannah's birthday party has also turned into a party for mommy and daddy after the kids go to bed I wanted to make an adult game. So I have been working on ladder golf. And as of today it is officially finished. I made the bolo balls for it as well. I get excited about a project that doesn't contain fabric and comes out as expected.

This was great and inexpensive because I took old soccer nets we were going to take to the dumpster and used them for the game, I got the golf balls for free, I had the black and silver paint and only had to buy the blue. I bought 2 pieces of pvc for total of $4 and 12 t's like $5 then the rope for the bolo balls $6. So around $18 we now have a new game.

I did reference this site for standard of size but went on my own because I was using piping already on hand.

I also finished another project tonight, but I'll post that tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Birthday outfit

So I have been hard at work getting things ready for Savannah's birthday. Today I finished the game, ladder golf (more for the adults). What do you play for 1year old birthdays anyway??

Then just now I got her skirt done!! I love the way it turned out. Deciding if I will make her a shirt or let her go shirt less?? I will be making a headband to match.

I sent out e-vites, for the invitations, they were free and I could personalize them. Plus everyone is getting back to via the site which keeps track of the number so I don't have to keep track.

I got her sweethearts in the mail so next on the list is to personalize them.

I took our old soccer nets, that nobody uses that also happen to be broken and turned them into:

this, it's ladder golf. I ended up having to buy 1 more tube and some t's after paint it cost me around $16. It is cheaper for me to buy the balls, so they are on the way.
After the paint, lousy picture, just showing the colors

Savannah's skirt, I think I should have used pink up top, but just using what I had on hand. I spent more on the material than I wanted to, because I wanted print, but I think it was worth it.

Show and Tell Green