Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birthday gift

I finished this top last week, but just found the photos today. This is a birthday gift for someone special. I hope she likes it.

It's a total refashion which I know she will love. A top and a pillowcase put together. I hope she feels as though it is age appropriate. What I really like about this top is the french seams. I love doing french seams but it seems if I have a pattern I am following I never allow myself enough seam allowance, so I don't do them to often.

Rae's sunsuit

I feel like Savannah is growing out of her clothes faster than I can make them. I feel pretty good that I have not bought her an outfit since she was 2 months old! But she ends up only having 3/4 outfits at a time because she is growing fast and I can't keep up. In May I made the snappy top from prudent baby for a gift for someone, she tried it on to model and make sure it fit. 3 weeks ago I made her 1 no go...it was to small!! In 3 weeks people 3 weeks! So I made her 2 outfits that did fit. 2 versions of Rae's sunsuit. The first was a mistake on my part, but I made it work, the second came out just like it was suppose to, imagine that. This is the first I have gotten to take a picture of her in the one outfit, lighting is bad but still cute! The one I made work I will show later, because i have some detail on that one to explain, plus I don't have a picture of her in it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

My main focus

So right now that I have some bibs up in the Etsy shop (just waiting to see if they will actually sell)!
I have many more done, I just don't want to place them all up at once.

I am pretty much focused on Savannah's birthday.

We have the date and theme, but that's about it.

My list of things to make (so far):

photo banner
conversation hearts
table cloths
of course the cake

I wish I had picked my theme back in February, what a steal I would have gotten on all kinds of heart items!

For favors I was thinking of making reusable snack bags for the kids and placing some snacks in the bag instead of buying useless 10 cent breakable items kids under 3 can't have anyway.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Cover-Alls are in

I have got my first Cover-All in the Etsy shop! It is a girly one, but boy ones to come.

I got all my fabric cut and waiting to be sewn (ya know when the kids go to bed). I hope to have the boy friendly Cover-Alls in the shop by Friday.

I think I have learned my lesson with Etsy...Don't put it all up at once. If you do, you will fall to the back of the line when others similar to your's are listed. I do have a lot more to learn about Etsy though.

Feel free to check it out!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I won

Last week I was fortunate enough to win a giveaway! I felt so lucky. Sp Here is how I won...

I went to a blog Ten Talents she post about blogs that have giveaways with low entries, among other things. I found her though my little giveaway last week. I am now addicted to her blog!

So where did I win this cute bib from? Heck of A Bunch hosted a giveaway for Messy Bib from Mimi the Sardine.

I got it today and was so excited my little munchkin had it on for lunch. It's a little big, but so cute! and I know she will grow into it!

Thank you Everyone!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Upcoming birthday party

I am looking for ideas for my daughters first birthday in August. Here is the scoop already.

My son always calls her sweet Heart. It's kinda funny, I will be in the kitchen and I will hear "No, No, sweet heart you can't have that, you will get hurt" (she usually has just picked up one of his toys and he doesn't want her to have it). I really love the way it sounds. So I wanted to go with a heart them. Something like "Our Sweet Heart is turning 1, please come and join the fun".

But I want to have decorations that match. I feel bad, for my son's 1st birthday I had 1 decoration over his highchair and it stayed there for almost a year! Everyone made fun of me for it! So I really want to do it up, but not go over board in the finance department. And this will be my last - 1st birthday party I get to throw.

I have been taking monthly photos to do a banner and of course a heart cake, but that is were my ideas stop. I want to have favors, table decorations and of course an outfit maybe some little things here and there. I am not much of a home decorator so I think it carries over for party throwing as well.

So any ideas, sites or tutorials to check out I would greatly appreciate it!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

We have Winners

First I would like to thank everyone who participated in the giveaway! I hope you all will stick around now that the giveaway is over. I hope to have more giveaways later.

All though I would like to take the credit for coming up with this idea, I can not. As usual I saw something like this while we were out and about maybe 3 years ago and decided to make my own. I am not sure how the others were constructed (i saw it from afar), I just liked the way the entire outfit was covered and tried to make mine as easy to put on and off as I could.

I didn't get the Cover-All's in the Etsy shop since I was away most of the week, but hope to have some in by Friday of this coming week.

****For all those that didn't win I would like to offer 20% of your purchase good until July 20th!**** just give me your name to reference back to.

I used Random.org, to pick my numbers. Here are the results:

comment 6:
A. Smith said...Hi Amy, congrats on your first giveaway! Your cover-all is so cute (and such a great idea) thanks for the chance to it.

comment 24:
Sarah Lewis said...Great idea! Thanks for the giveaway.

I haven't figured out how to have the picture of the actual pick come up in the blog post. I have just spent the last half hour trying so I am going to give up and just tell you all this way.

Congratulations ladies! I will be contacting you shortly to get your information.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A new dress

We are back from a little getaway and picking up Valerie. I like to go visiting, but it sure is nice to be home. Last week before we left I made a few things...3 outfits for Savannah and a dress for myself.

I liked the dress, but was not sure if it needed some extra work, but since I wanted it for the week, I wore it anyway. To my surprise, I had several people at the park ask me where I got it. When I told them I made it, 2 of them got my information to make them one. So I thought I would leave it just as is.

It really was very simple. I took 1.5 yard of linen fabric sewed it up the side (later found out that you have to, have to serge the seems, it is a must, if you are using linen) . Next I created an elastic casting for the top, then created an elastic casting for the smallest part of my middle. Then I finished my hem. When I thought I was done my husband said it needed some color, so I added a small belt. After wearing it, I think I might add a little slit, for easier walking.

This is the casting I made, on the inside of the dress. I used a scrap piece of material.

Decor Mamma



Show and Tell Green


make it wear it

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Cover-All Give away

Now closed -thank you everyone!

Did you ever have a nice outfit on your baby, put a bib on him/her and then find the bottom portion destroyed?

The food falls between the tray and baby, then it ends up on baby's lap ruining their nice outfit.

Well this is the fix...The Cover-All Bib.

Velcro around neck, wast, elastic at legs. The entire outfit protected!

These will be in my etsy shop...Next week I hope.

But because these are the 1st ones that I have made they are not perfect and instead of selling these ones I would like to give them away!!!

This would be my 1st giveaway, not sure how it will go, because I don't have that many followers yet, so your chance should be good right??

Up for grabs are the blue and yellow Cover all's. (My daughter wears the pink one)


follow my blog then leave a comment telling me you follow or you are a new follower
1 per person please
giveaway will close Sunday June 20th at 9pm eastern time
make sure there is a way to contact you


Link parties:

Join  us Saturdays at tatertotsandjello.com for the weekend wrap up party!

Finding fabulous

http://sumossweetstuff.blogspot.com/" target="_blank">Sumo Sweet Stuffhttp://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee180/juliewuliee/Headers%202/sumo/marketyourselfcopy-1.png"/>

Women Who Do It All

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

flat cap

He wore it all night long!

I think I am going to yudu something on it like a skull, to give it a little something extra

See how it goes up at the side?? Is it suppose to do that? I think it's because of the way I added the brim.

Just a little lopsided on his head

I really like it when my kids wear hats!

I made a summer one for Savannah and I have been on the look out for a tutorial/pattern for Austin. I tried the bucket hat and I had a hard time with it. Totally my fault, I tried to enlarge it a little because it seamed a little small. I spent so much time on something that should have taken 1hr tops! I was so frustrated.

Last weekend I found this pattern and wanted to give it a go. The pattern was very helpful and I would not have been able to complete the hat without it.

Once again I didn't follow exactly as she said. I thought the hat looked a little big on the little girl in the photos and she seemed to be around Austins age and I got a little confused with the band part.

So I decided to forgo the band all together. By turning the edges of the hat in and sewing it closed the entire way around before putting on the brim. This made it not so tall. Where the brim is attached needs a little work. I think it is still a work in progress. At my sister in-laws suggestion I am going to put a little bit of elastic at the back.

I wonder if I am doing something wrong...because the hat looks really big on the little girl in the picture, but not so big on my little guy. It is a good thing, in this case. I just wonder because this has happened to me before with patterns I print off line. I know to check my size and make sure it is 100% when printed.

If anyone wants me to show them how I did the underside just let me know and I will put that up.


women who do it all

Show and Tell Green

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pleated bag

I have been working on a project for my self the last couple of days. I have been in search for a new bag. I don't get new purses often. I am not much of a shoe or bag person. When I buy 1 I use it for years, but because I use it for so long I usually get a expensive one. The last bag I got was 2.5 years ago. It is a Juicy couture. The deal was (with my husband) if I could sell the old one I could get a new 1. I have not had much luck with it yet. So I thought I could make 1.

So after searching for a week I found a pattern I really liked. Then came the fabric. I really do like the way it came out. I really didn't change anything here.

After the bag was done I wanted a wallet to match. I found this at Walter + Veronica. Then I saw this at Noodlehead and knew I wanted this if I was going to be carrying a purse instead of a diaper bag.

For the wallet I changed things up a bit, because I was not using oil cloth (I wanted it to match my bag). I had to allow for extra seam allowance. And because I was not using it for the envelope system I didn't add as many zipper pockets as suggested. I added one for cash and one for change. I used interfacing for the outer wallet and now that it is done I wish I had used it for the zipper pockets. I also wish I had used colored Velcro.

For the diaper pouch the only thing I made differently was: not using linen and I made the 2 layers the same size thinking that it would accommodate my cloth diapers better. It looks like I need a new travel case, because it sure does not match and it is a little thick. If I use that travel wipe case I can only fit 1 cloth diaper, but If I use a different one I can fit 2 diapers changing pad and a case.



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Sunday, June 6, 2010

wedding dress

Last week Women who do it all had a link (fashion Fridays) party to share your wedding dress. You didn't have to post about it, just put your picture up and link your blog. But after she featured my dress I though why not post about it.

We went to Mexico with some close family and friends. It was nice to be able to spend 30 minutes on the wedding planning (outside booking the trip), and then spending the week with everyone instead of a few hours.

The dress turned out to be my obsession. I felt because I didn't really do any planning for the wedding I wanted my dress to represent me. I loved it! And once I got the dress I was excited to "trash the dress".

Trashing the dress didn't go as planned. After talking several times with my new husband we decided he would not wear his platinum wedding band in the water (it was a little loose). Well he forgot...and after about 5 minutes in the water his wedding band was LOST! Talk about downer. There were several people on the beach that got up and came to help look for his wedding band (how nice), but that was a lost cause. That was it off he went. Thank goodness the ring was insured and we were able to get a new one, but that was the end of my trash the dress! BUMMER!

It was a really good time and I would not have done it any differently.

The only thing I had to pick for the wedding, the flowers and the location (2 beach locations, garden or inside)

I forgot to order an extra flower for my hair, so my mom went on a hunt to find a flower on the grounds and cut it down for me (I'm pretty sure it was a big no no)

All of our family and friends that made the trip (the photographer was family as well )

I made my little guys outfit to match his daddy's and I also made my daughters

One of the 3 trash the dress pictures we got