Thursday, June 9, 2011

computer bag

So I feel like I am always over a Made Danna always has great ways to make items I have been wanting. A while ago she posted about her great computer bag, I was so excited when I saw the pictures. Then I saw it was more of a how to not a tutorial (no measurements, or pictures) and put it off for a long time.

Then I became a home health nurse 2 weekends a month and with this job comes the carrying of a computer. So I thought I would revisit her post and see if I could do what she did. I mean do we really need things hand to us on a plate? My problem is I love to sew, but the creating part is always hard for me. So I read it several times to give my self the confadence and off I went.

I have to say I loved loved the bag when I first completed it, however it has since started to fall apart. I am thinking the fabric I chose was not the best (I wanted as close to Dana's as I could). the cheap liner is staying together though, but the nice fabric I bought is now falling apart, so I will have to sew a new one. Let me say all my fault here.

So this is not a tutorial but I thought I would give you some measurements that I used and some photos's

Here I add the two pockets just like Dana (well I tried to be just like Dana)

for the front and back pieces I cute 17widex 11.5 tall, then 2 of the lining

My back zipper, I think I had the most trouble with this part :(

The front flap, with the liner already. I didn't write down the exact measurements for this piece. But I cut it the same length, but about 1 inch shorter on the side (total)

Zipper for the top closure. The side pieces are 3x17

To strips for the D rings, I just went for it, I didn't measure

For the side pieces I cut 2 of each lining and main 11.5x3.3
For the bottom i cut 1 of each lining and main 16x2.5

I did line mine with foam as well. Sizing for foam
front and back 16x10.5
Bottom 17x2
sides 2.5x10.5

Then I stitched as I would any other bag, at the end before I closed up my opening for turning I stuffed in the foam


Chris said...

Awesome! I think your laptop back turned out fabulously. I love the blue ticking stripes.

dana said...

you did it! Great job! It's sort of a monster project so I'm impressed you stuck with it :)
Cute orange shorts too!
- dana