Sunday, September 23, 2012

For the Dancing Queen


Miss Savannah started dance last week. It was a crazy start. I told her we would look for a studio on Monday. I stressed often we would not be dancing today. Well, they made me look like a lier. At our 3rd studio (one that was recommended to me) they told her she could come back at 1pm (2 hrs away) and start that day!

Talk about excitement for her and stress for mommy. I had 2 hours to find our supplies! It took me just that long to.

When we showed back up at1:05 the first thing the instructor said to me was "she needs a bag". Perfect, I couldn't wait to make her one.

For my hour wait I looked around Pinterest and found the perfect tutorial. I followed everything except I added a divider to keep her shoes separate from her clothes. Oh and I forgot the webbing so we went without it.
I attempted to embroider her initial on the front, it's ok, not perfect but she loves it.

Then with the left over fabric I pieced together a skirt for her to wear over her dance outfit. She has been Carrying it around in love with it, showing everyone that will look.

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