Sunday, July 11, 2010

diy ladder golf

Sorry posting has been a little light. I have been hard at work...literally and also on Savannah's party. I have been trying to pick up extra shifts because we are gone most of August.

I have so many projects going that not to many are at the finishing stages at the moment.

But since Savannah's birthday party has also turned into a party for mommy and daddy after the kids go to bed I wanted to make an adult game. So I have been working on ladder golf. And as of today it is officially finished. I made the bolo balls for it as well. I get excited about a project that doesn't contain fabric and comes out as expected.

This was great and inexpensive because I took old soccer nets we were going to take to the dumpster and used them for the game, I got the golf balls for free, I had the black and silver paint and only had to buy the blue. I bought 2 pieces of pvc for total of $4 and 12 t's like $5 then the rope for the bolo balls $6. So around $18 we now have a new game.

I did reference this site for standard of size but went on my own because I was using piping already on hand.

I also finished another project tonight, but I'll post that tomorrow.

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brent443 said...

Looking awesome. For those too lazy to build it....