Thursday, January 27, 2011

New shoes

Have you visited ? If not then you need to hope right over there. She recently posted about an outfit that she made shoes from. She got her inspiration from Joyfolie. I had to take a peak. And boy did I fall in love. Every single pair of shoes are out of stock, but she is working on a solution to the problem. So until I can purchase a pair ( which I will do as soon as they are available).I tried my hand a pair. They still need a little work, but they were my first pair of shoes.

I have since added a strap across the top to help they stay on.

I can't wait until shoes are available :)


Craft Couture


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentines bags

I saw these bags on a few sites and fell in love! I knew I had to have them. So I was crossing my fingers in hopes that I had some fabric that would work since I am not buying any new fabric unless absolutely necessary. I found some red sweater material, red polka dot, and red camouflage. I had sever different types of interfacing so I made it work.

My only little snag was I chose to do 2 red dot linnings and the camouflage one for the little guy (not so girly). But of course Austin chose to take one of the polka dot ones!! I would have made them all polka dot if I had known. I guess I also could have done a better job on the names. I should have just waited a few weeks...I just found out I am getting a Silhouette....Yea I am so excited.
The plan is to put a little love note for the kids in the am, and then when Valentines day arrives there will be just a few little surprises for the kido's

I really did iron my fabric this time, I promise:)

I found this great tutorial for the bags at Our Scoop

Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter wreath

I don't think I used quite as many circles as she did. I would have loved to but I didn't want to buy more felt.

With the new house I have decided to try and decorate a with Christmas decorations down it is time to start.

After searching One Pretty thing I found this great I knew I found my perfect door wreath!!

I loved that I could do it any color (white was just what I had on hand), I think at some point I will try red :) I had the pins on hand, all I had to buy was the wreath form.

It was pretty easy and straight forward. I did take her suggestions on making the circles. In the post there was a link to another blog at maya* I didn't have ink on hand so I stamped mine with paint that I didn't think I would ever use again. I think it worked pretty well, take it easy on the paint so it drys fast. I also used a spray can lid for my circles.

I really need to find my wreath hanger for the door, but until then this will work

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bike basket

The last step for my little guy's bike was a basket. He wanted a place to put his back pack on the way home from school.

A Lemon Squeezy Home has a great tutorial for both a boy and a girl basket. I have found myself freqenting A Lemon Squezzy Home, I love all of her ideas and the tutorials are easy to follow.
Anyway I used her bike tutorial.

I used her measurements and the cut out, but I did peace it together a little different. I was a little uneasy with the hand sewing since he would be placing items in the basket.

I stitched the 4 outside pieces (Penn State fabric) together, did the same with the inner fabric (plain blue).
Then I placed one inside the other, right sides together, when I stitched around the top to close it I Left open spots at each area that I would insert the hanger piece at with one big enough to turn right side out.
Then I turned it right side out.
From there I stitched down the sides to create a pocket for the hanger and the same for the top front and sides.
When all pieces of the hanger were in I then stitched the holes closed.

I also used snaps

after I fixed the piece that attaches to the bar

This is before I changed the handle..I sewed the piece with the snaps to the back of the basket so it would hang a little higher

Friday, January 7, 2011

Free bike

When we lived in PA I belonged to a group on yahoo called free cycle.

Have you ever heard of it??

People post items they no longer need or want, if you see something you want you e-mail the other party back and make arrangements to pick it up (as long as it's not gone yet). It's pretty cool. The rule: MUST be FREE!!

Anyway a few months ago I got Austin a bike from free cycle, it was too big for him at the time (still kinda is) so I put it to the side. When I pulled it out over Christmas, he was able to ride it ok. When I picked it up the lady made it clear that it needed a new seat...Which it sure did, it had screws coming up and poking him in the butt!! I didn't realize this until after he was riding it. I thought it just needed padding, sorry little guy.

The before

Now I will be honest to say that I only looked at 2 stores before I gave up and thought I would try to make one with supplies on hand. I used vinyl I purchased months ago and padding we that we bought the pack n play ( no longer in use). The padding was probably to thick but who doesn't like extra padding when riding a bike?


Not perfect probably to much padding, but it was free :)

Not to bad for a free bike no rust, good tires, free training wheels and now a new seat