Tuesday, December 20, 2011

work bench

next up on handmade items that needed my husbands help, was a work bench. I got my idea from http://mcbabybump.blogspot.com/2011/02/diy-play-workbench.html

no real tutorial, just enough to get started. We made ours bigger since our little guy is 5 (even though he is the size of a 3 year old). I also didn't just stick with 2x4's. It is all top shelf white board from Home depot. But here is a break down of the cuts:

top shelf 2ftx1ft
hight 4ft
2 front legs 2ft
10 inches wide for bottom shelf
for the top we used left over from Savannah's tower it is 2ftx3inch.
side supports are 9.5
the peg board is 2x2
we attached the peg board before we attached the top shelf.

I then sanded it painted black.
We got him an extra set of hooks he could place on Christmas morning for more tools.

The project it self was pretty easy, the only problem we ran into, was my husband was working on a little bit of a slant in the garage so it made it uneven, until he realized he just had to place it on an even surface and all was well. We are going to work on pre drilling some boards and giving him nuts and bolts to put boards together. My husband is very excited for little man to get this one.

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Chelsea M said...

Looks wonderful!! I love that you made adaptations to make it just right for you son, perfect! Thanks for the link back :)