Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sucre lulu

About the same time I won the bib I also won another giveaway. They came in the mail Monday. They are so pretty. I got to choose the sizes I wanted so I chose 3 small and 1 large this way Savannah and Valerie could both wear them. Valerie doesn't know I got them yet since she is away again.

Thank you Sucrelulu


Anonymous said...

What are they??..

craftedbymama said...

Sorry just kinda assumed it was obvious until I looked at the photos. I put a new photo up as well. They are hair clips.


Sucre Lulu said...

Thanks so much for the post... I am so glad you got them... they loook fab in your hair! Always, Theresa and Lulu (from Sucre Lulu)

Anonymous said...

OH they are cute!!

and Amy, Lexi loves the ones you made for her!!! She wants to wear them all at once lol! lol