Thursday, July 29, 2010

So many new things

She even left it on to play

Wow! I have so many new things to share, but now finding the time to blog about them!

Savannah's birthday party took it all out of me. Now I know why I only had 1 decoration for Austin's 1st birthday. But now the bar is set high, his birthday is the end of August and he is expecting a big deal on decorations he is even helping me pick things out! I created a monster!

So in the days to come I hope to share all the things I did for Savannah's birthday, a skirt I made myself, and Savannah's quiet book (she loves it).

But for today I have to share this hat I completed last night! A little girl came to her party that had a hat similar but straw (oh she looked so cute). I couldn't wait to try it. Then I remembered I bookmarked a pattern similar for myself I just had not gotten to it yet. So I modified it for Savannah. I really only used the shape of the top of the hat.

here is the link I referenced

A little pop of color under the hat" target="_blank">Sumo Sweet Stuff"/>


Show and Tell Green


Bree said...

Love it and sooo cute! Glad you survived :)- aren't birthday are so

Tanya said...

How ladylike! Love the pop of red.

Jill from Women Who Do It All said...

That is too darling! And what a cute little model too.