Friday, October 26, 2012

Diapers for Baby Alive


 Our KK (Baby Alive) with her finished diaper.

Tutorial for those band aids coming soon:)

So I was able to keep the functions of Baby Alive hidden for about 6 months. When my daughter found out what she could really do there was no turning back.
Immediately I searched the Internet for a tutorial for diapers specifically for Baby Alive. I came across a tutorial here at this Mama makes stuff  but they really were not what I was looking for.  Great tutorial and gave the idea for the soaker, but I felt it needed one more thing.  I really wanted ones that would hold everything. I ended up trying 2 this way but still things were getting wet, not soaked but wet.
So I thought wait I made diapers for real baby's I'm sure I can just make minuter ones...right?
When my youngest was in diapers I made some for her. I had some materials left over. The most important material was PUL.  I traced the diaper that came with Baby Alive. And kept resizing until I got a fit I liked. And I put them together very similar to how I put my daughters together.  Now for my daughters I would top stitch the entire way around and I used pocket so I had no stitching around the inside layer.  I also had elastic around the back of the diaper. In the real Diapers I also had Velcro or snaps (later on when she discovered how to undo the Velcro) around the entire front.

The one with the elephant is flannel on both sides and much bigger this was my first attempt.  The green one is the finale outcome.  much smaller and the pul helps with keeping things dry.

A picture of my pattern.  it has marking for where to put the elastic the back has longer tabs and marking where to place the soaker.  I have no idea how to actually make a printable pattern other wise I would make it anyone who wants it sorry.

The inside layer with soaker stitched down the middle. You probably don't need this much for a soaker but better safe than sorry with green peas on my couch. 
After sewing both pieces together right sides facing, leaving a space to turn right side out

Before turning right side out add the elastic starting at the front and back curve

The green is what it looks like after you turn it out prior to making the casting and stitching the top.  The yellow is after the casting just down the sides and top closed

Add the Velcro and put on your Baby Alive...Other wise know as KK in our house

 This is a view of how big my first one turned out

These are the 3 different sizes I came up with.  Ultamitly ending with the one on the top.  The second one really isn't all that much smaller but it's the elastic that makes the difference.
The very 1st one see how high it comes up and notice around the legs...not so good.

The last picture diaper nice and low at belly line and nice and snug at legs...Green food stays off mommy's couch


Sunday, September 23, 2012

For the Dancing Queen


Miss Savannah started dance last week. It was a crazy start. I told her we would look for a studio on Monday. I stressed often we would not be dancing today. Well, they made me look like a lier. At our 3rd studio (one that was recommended to me) they told her she could come back at 1pm (2 hrs away) and start that day!

Talk about excitement for her and stress for mommy. I had 2 hours to find our supplies! It took me just that long to.

When we showed back up at1:05 the first thing the instructor said to me was "she needs a bag". Perfect, I couldn't wait to make her one.

For my hour wait I looked around Pinterest and found the perfect tutorial. I followed everything except I added a divider to keep her shoes separate from her clothes. Oh and I forgot the webbing so we went without it.
I attempted to embroider her initial on the front, it's ok, not perfect but she loves it.

Then with the left over fabric I pieced together a skirt for her to wear over her dance outfit. She has been Carrying it around in love with it, showing everyone that will look.

Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Sunday, August 26, 2012

She's not a baby anymore

My little Savannah turned 3! It's exciting and sad at the same time. This year we passed on a party because she has become obsessed with Princesses. We signed her up for Princess of the day at Disney in September. She is pretty excited although I don't think she knows what it means.
We had her 2 friends down for cake and ice cream. I bought a cake for the first time in 7 years:(. We just had too much going on for me to make it this year.
I made her a make up vanity and chair. Custom one of a kind Sleeping Beauty dress. A lot of love went into that think:). You can no longer by a pattern unless its second hand and the second had ones go for $30. So if you ever see one at a flee market or garage sale snatch that baby up! I also gave her a big girl room with new paint, new blanket, light and a big girl bed. Austin got her some make up for her vanity. Granny and Grampy got her set for Princess gear...a back pack, lunch box 2 outfits (that she wore for 3 days straight) princess doll and books. Her friends got her a sleeping beauty doll as well...she wanted to keep both. Savannah was pretty excited about Beam and Poppys present...they brought Val to the beach. Nanny and Poppy gave her cash that she says she wants to by a mini shirt.
She start pre school on the 4th of September. I'm nervous, happy and sad. She is signing her abc's pretty good at this point. Doing better with potty training, but still a work in progress. Mostly at bedtime and if she is not over tired she can wear big girl panties for nap. She loves to watch anything with princess, fairies or babies. Rides her bike every day with me for 3 miles, still loves her JoePa. She got her big girl bed the night before she turned 3. It was a hard night for me. She does well staying in it and I do have to make her get out when she gets up otherwise she will sit and cry until I go in her room.