Thursday, March 10, 2011

New ride

For Christmas I got this beauty:

I love it, love it, I can't say it enough. I love that Savannah is up front, that it holds a 6 year old and it even turns into a stroller (I'll have to get a picture of that).

I have been picking my son up at pre-school (2.5 miles one way) and even riding to the doctors (4.5 miles one way) and the grocery store for small items (2.5 miles). So I am trying to do as much by bike as I can.

When I did the grocery store run I realized I needed something for storage. The bike does have a basket under the seat but it is hard to get to and you can't fit much in it. So I created this little basket.

Outside is left over oil cloth from this project and the inside is vinyl

I attached it with straps around the seat not the handles and its held in place by snaps so you can remove it easily.
I used a little to much vinyl for the inside :)

Everyone is always worried about leg room when it comes to the Taga, but with the basket sitting low there is no problem at all. I don't plan on putting really heavy stuff in it, but it will be nice to put my sons back pack and snack bag for the ride home.

a picture with my 4year old in front before he could ride his own. They do sell a second seat but it was not worth the money since 2 months later my son was riding on his own without training wheels


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Has this happened to you?

I hate my pictures, so much so that I don't really allow people to take photo's of me...not even with my kids. How does this tie into this post?

I have been dieing for this skirt from Anthropologie, however knowing that my 4'11" frame can't pull horizontal stripes. I knew it would never happen.

When I went to Joann's for my daughter last week I found the perfect fabric and I thought I would try to make my own but make it vertical strips. I was so excited I couldn't wait.

I used this tutorial for the waist, but hen did my own thing for the bottom (which I do truly love). I cut slits in for different areas then cut triangle pieces of fabric and stitched them in place with the top of the triangle angled to the waist band.

So Here is the problem I made it, put it on, looked in the mirror and LOVED it. I couldn't wait to ware it. so the next day I wore it all day and when my daughter got home from school I had her take pictures so I could share.

After I saw the pictures pure disappointment. Is it just the pictures? Does it really look that bad? How could I have loved it before in the mirror.

So my question is do you ever love something in the mirror and then dislike it when you see yourself in pictures with that item? Just curious.



Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yoga style skirt

I am really trying with my photo's and here it seems that it is too too bright.

Last week my oldest actually asked for some skirts. I was thrilled, she hasn't wanted to wear skirts in about 5 years so I haven't made to much for her in the way of clothes.
Right away I went to work for her. So far I have made 2 (only showing 1 here) and she couldn't get into it fast enough.

For the most part I followed Make it and Love it's tutorial for a Yoga style skirt. Now I didn't use a t-shirt, We bought 1 yrd of jersey fabric we do have some left over. I don't feel like I got the band quit right, it feels a little big. I am making another one and will focus on that for her.

She likes to wear the band high (what ever floats her boat)

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