Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New hats

So we are here in Florida enjoying the weather has been a little colder than I expected!! I can't really complain, it's normally cooler in the morning around (32) and worms up by 11 (50-60). Still cold enough to need hats, so I have been like a mad women making hats for the kids.

Valerie asked for a stripped hat with blue and cream. After searching the internet (after she was in bed) I found this pattern. The only thing I did different was at the end only did 4 rows instead of 6. If I did it again I would cut the stitches to about 75 not 80.

I started it right away thinking she would want it because it was suppose to be like the one Bella wore in Eclipse and Twilight. I was right, but then she asked if I could do it in green (that's what hers was in the movie). I felt bad but I was already halfway time my dear. She really does love it, wearing it all day.

Austin went for the so popular "owl" hat. I love making them, so cute

Savannah will get an owl hat as is one I made for the winner of the last giveaway. I think I will make the same one for her...I love the colors together.

Trying it on before the eyes were finished


Jana said...

So cute!!

Come enter to win a free pair of sandals!

inday_adin said...

They're so cute. I sure wish I know how to knit. I am seeing a lot of knitting stuff that I am excited to learn. :) These are just adorable!

Adin B