Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas gifts

I have already admitted I haven't made to many gifts this year, but what I did make I finished up today.

I made a double oven mitt (I must make one for myself). I found the tutorial here. I loved it, I wish I had more attractive fabric, but I was not spending money.

The recipient loves cats.
the only thing I wish I did differently was read how to use bias tape (this was a first for me)

The next item was a shirt. I found the saying when I was looking around on line. It was originally "Great Dads get promoted to Grandpa", but we call our "Grandpa" "Poppy". That's the beauty of making your own shirts. I used my Yudu for this one.

This is a 2xl shirt, the only thing I still have to learn with the yudu is print size

Since I had my Yudu out, I made some more shirts. I have found that you can get more than one saying on a sheet and I don't like to waist my sheets of emulsion.

Austin already has a shirt like this, but it is pretty small, so I couldn't wait to get him a new one

This is one I have made in the past as well, just using up space on the emulsion. just in case you cant see it says " dedicated.involved.loving.father

I have no idea what I am going to do with this one but it was better than wasting space on the screen.

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