Wednesday, December 29, 2010

easiest blanket ever

A few years ago maybe 6, my husband bought me a 6ft love sac I still love it to this day as well as the kids now. About 2 years after that he bought me a blanket to go with it. I so loved this blanket, it stays on the sac or the couch and I use it all the time. I even take it with me when we travel. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't get the mink fury one...I don't even think they made that one when we purchased ours.

Daddy sleeping on the love sac and the blanket...everybody loves them

Anyway back to the reason for the post...
My son clammed the blanket about 1 month ago when he got sick and would not give it back. What a sad day for me. I have been trying get get it back for the entire month with every bribe I can think of.
The original

The best part about the blanket...a foot pocket

To my surprise when I went to Joan's to get the fabric for my curtains, I found this great fabric! It was just like my blanket. Very soft on 1 side and furry on the other and it was just 1 piece of fabric. In my mind all I had to do was go home and serge around the edges and all would be good!

serge around the edges

Not as fluffy as the original, but much softer in my opinion

It worked out, the fabric was a little pricey 24.99/yd then I used my coupon. I bought 1yrd, brought it home serged around the edge and now my blanket is being washed to be returned to the proper owner!! I can't wait to sit and watch a show tonight!!

Austin says it is so comfy cozy and he is not going to share it :)

I didn't put the feet pocket in so it would last longer...If I was able to afford more than a yard I would have bought more and added the pocket...but I don't think it matters much to him

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Donene said...

Great blanket! Way to go so you can get your blanket back. Thanks for your nice comments!