Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pacifier tip

I really tried to get my kids to take a Binky and it was a no go. For each kid I went to the store and bought every single orthopedic Binky/pacifier I could find. The closest I came was with Savannah and she chose the button type for about 2 weeks.

So I needed to come up with a solution for a Binky clip (or so I thought). But the rubber O ring worked really well.

I am not going to do a tutorial on a pacifier/Binky clip because there are plenty. But I will show you what I did with the O ring.

Not sure what I meant by button Binky??
(I didn't know they had a separate name)

A regular Binky leash

I wanted white, but couldn't find it, so black it is
(Rubber is the key)

Put leash around O ring and snap shut

Stretch O ring around Binky

all done!


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Meet Virginia said...

WOW This is great I have never seen them done like this before! I love it!!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!