Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I can't get enough

I just can't get enough of those ruffles! I think my daughter will be in them until she can protest.

I got the rose hair clip tutorial from purlebee.

The rose is a a picture I got off line and just made it a freezer paper stencil.

This outfit was more of an accident. I started off making this for birthday gift we have this weekend. It was suppose to come out like this one. I always put the ruffles on before I put together the garment. I didn't realize the way the bloomers were I was putting them on the side and not the back. I wasn't sure how I wanted to proceed, take it apart, or start over, so I put it aside to think about. After I made the birthday girl another outfit (tutorial to come tomorrow) I went back to this one (After all I had already put a bit of time into this out fit). I just decided to add the ruffles to the other side. I love the way it turned out.

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Alison said...

Oh my heck, this makes me want a girl!! Love that outfit and the rose clip is adorable! fabulous!


inday_adin said...

It's so adorable and you have a sweet little girl. :) Too bad I don't have a baby girl.. can't dress up my little guy with ruffles.. hahaha...

Andrea said...

So sweet! I hope you link up tomorrow!

Andrea @

Jill from Women Who Do It All said...

Oh goodness, that is too cute! And what cute model too :)

-JW-JS-AM-JCW- said...

So adorable..and practical