Thursday, May 13, 2010

Leapster bag tutorial

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a follower asking for a tutorial on the Leapster bag. It is finally done and ready. And with this extra bag we made a pretty good deal...she gets the bag in exchange for help with photos. I am so excited. YEA!

This bag can really be used for anything.

Things I did differently than the one I originally did:
made it a little bigger
made strap longer

I bought 1/2yd of outer and inner fabric. Which gave me plenty left over.

First I placed the Leapster on the inner fabric and cut around leaving room on all sides.

All fabric cut: Measurements I used:

10x9-2 of each fabric- front and back
2.5x9- 3 of each fabric-sides and bottom
10x7.5-1 of each fabric-front flap
3x27-1 of each fabric-strap
8x6-1 of outer fabric-pocket

First the pocket. Might be the hardest to explain.
-fold over and sew the bottom and top
-place pocket on front outer fabric: you dont' want to stretch it tight,

like this, then stitch the sides down

Then sew the bottom closed

I waited to sew the Velcro on until the pocket was on this way I knew they would match up

Then pin fabric right sides together and sew all the sides

I placed mine over a wipe container to stand up straight, then pinned the bottom, and sew

Repeat all steps for liner and outer bag

pin wrong sides of front flap, sew leaving a space to turn and top stitch

Repeat for the strap
All parts sewn

Layer this way: turn the outer bag inside out, place the strap in bag fabrics facing each other

Leaving the edge hang over

Like this

Next pin the flap, like you did with the strap...a little over hanging and outer fabrics facing each other

Then place the lining in, right side of fabrics facing each other, sew leaving a space for turning.

Once it was put together I placed a piece of Velcro on flap and then bag so the flap would stay closed.

Top stitch and all done.

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Em said...

What a great idea! This would work work really well on our upcoming vacation.