Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New dress for me

After doing the black shirt last week, I wanted to try it with better fabric, but make it different. So I thought maybe a dress? I was looking for more of an everyday summer dress.

I finished it and I am not sure it came out like I wanted. To me it looks more like a night out on the town type of dress. From the front it looks pretty good. But from the back, now that's a different story. It looks pretty good on the dress form, however on me...my butt looks sooo big. I know it's big, but not that big.

The front


I wont embarrass myself by showing the back on.
It's not uneven, just the way I am standing.

Any thought's what I could do so it doesn't end up int scrap pile. I really would like to wear this. Maybe after I finish my 1/2 marathon training that I started this week.?

make it wear it


Nancy's Couture said...

I love the way it drapes!!! I think it is great the way it is!! I personally wouldn't change it!!!

craftedbymama said...

To be fair I should really show the back. After looking I think it is to tight. Maybe add panels to the sides. Thank you Nancy


inday_adin said...

I think it looks good on the front though. If you don't like wearing it as a dress anymore, maybe you should just turn it into a top so it won't be wasted. :) Just a thought! :) But I think it looks good. :)

Andrea said...

It looks good in the picture and I love the color.

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com