Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spring wardrobe

I have been tucked in my room late at night for the past week working on Spring like clothes for Savannah. I have to say I am getting better at the construction of the clothes and I can contribute it all to the million of other bloggers who are willing to share their knowledge with me. Nothing makes me happier when someone makes a comment about my daughters outfit and I can say...I made it :) I probably have about 2-3 more outfits to post and then I should be done. She is growing so fast I have to save some materials and ideas for then. I do have to admit that one outfit I just complete last night is the same tutorial I used for an outfit last summer, but I loved it so much she will probably have one until she refuses to wear it.

this skirt came from sewing in no mans land

She gives great patterns for everything she makes, and I so wish I was smaller so I could fit in her adult clothes. But for her tutorial on this one...I choose not to pleat the top, so I only cut it at 7 in instead of 8, looking back I wish I cut it a little shorter maybe even 5. But this way it will fit her longer. The skirt is made out of a thrifted shirt I bought when I was in high school, you know when it was cool to wear men's shirts? So I also didn't cut the top part as long because I was working with a small men's shirt. I was happy to find a new home for the shirt.

This next outfit came from my maternity top. It was a cowl neck, so for the skirt I just cut it at the seem and added elastic at the top for a quick and easy skirt.

This is what happens when you let the little one wear something before pictures are taken

I had intended for it to be a dress, but it was to short and it became a top, that she wore with white leggins

This is material I bought last fall. I was so excited to to find this fabric in the store and then it sat until now. This is the reason I am trying to use fabric and items on hand before I purchase new items in the store. For this I just used a old shirt on hand. I ran out of gray and green thread so I serged the ends. My plan was to get thread and finish the sleeves and hem, but I think I like it the way it is

I also found a way I like to finish the neck and sleeves (when I make a sleeveless shirt/dress). I think I did for one of the shirts I made for myself last year. I think it makes the neck nice and clean.

For the bloomers I used Dana's pattern and tutorial

I can't lie here I did buy this fabric at Hobby lobby, when I drove by 2 weeks ago. I had a 40% off any item. It was originally 9.99/yrd. It was the only color they had so I made it work. I bought 1yrd and got 1 skirt, 1 dress and 1 bloomers. So I think it was worth it.

I got this idea from another blogger Me sew Crazy, who I found through a linky party (love them). I was glad she gave me the idea, I was worried what I would do with the extra fabric. Savannah looked like a little flapper earlier when she had on a silver long dress up necklace. I finished the Neck line and the sleeves as I did above." target="_blank">Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Show and Tell Green


Admitted Fabricaholic said...

It came out ADORABLE!!! Do you mind if I post a picture on my blog? Your daughter looks so cute!

Nancy's Couture said...

You have a lucky little girl!!! All of the clothes look great!

inday_adin said...

Awe! Those are some cute outfits for your lovely little girl. I sure wish I have a baby girl to make cute outfits for. I just made a little girl's outfit today though for my cousin's little girl. It sure is fun to make cute stuff! :)

Adin B

craftedbymama said...

Thank you ladies for the kind comments :)

Brook said...

Adorable outfits! Your daughter is super cute! I am going to try that ruffle fabric it looks way cool.

Anonymous said...

I've been playing around with ruffle fabric too. I'm finally around to practicing something "real". Your outfit is adorable!

Lisa said...

You have inspired me! I have a whole pile of fabric waiting to become new clothes for my daughters. I can't help but want to start sewing on them after seeing these darling outfits.

Stephanie Smith said...

These are so cute. Saw it over at Blue Cricket Designs.

The Treasurista said...

Hop on over to the Party! Would love for you to link-up @

The Treasurista
Finding and Creating FUN things...

Tiff said...

Your post makes me want to have another girl! *sigh* My daughter is 14 and nothing handmade will do. Oh well. At let I can live vicariously thru my nieces!

Anonymous said...

How adorable. It's posts like these that make me wish I could sew! :-)