Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The newest projects

I am combining these projects because I don't know how to schedule out and I seem to misplace the post I want to write, so this post will be a 2 for 1 :) The only thing they have in common is FUN.

About 2 weeks ago my son kept asking me for a mustache he could wear and play with. So I cut one out and glued it to a dowel rod and said here...that was a no go! He wanted something he could wear and not hold...something to do with Toy Story. He is obsessed with Toy Story 2 at the moment.

Anyway today he asked again and I went right to work. Pretty easy I cut 2 shapes out of black felt, 1 interfacing and for some reason I had clear elastic, but hey it was perfect for this project. Stitched everything around and a happy little man I did have for the rest of the night. Kinda fits right in with Celebrate the boy month over at Made and Made by Rae, Don't ya think?

Ok the next one, I was really scared to do, but that never stopped me before. So a little history here. I took about 2 years in high school of cosmetology. I didn't complete it for some reason, but to this day I am the only one in the house that pays for a hair cut. Obviously because I can't cut my own hair. I do give actually hair cuts with styles, but never anything this bold. My daughter came to me last night and asked me to cut her hair (thinking she just wanted a trim), my response sure why not. Then she gave me a picture and fear entered my eyes after much convincing I agreed with her understanding that I could not guarantee how it would come out and I would do my best. When I finished I braced myself for the cry...but it never came. Instead I got hugs and thank you's the rest of the night. With her being in middle school I was really nervous about the outcome and I can say I was never so happy to have a good stitching back together on this one.


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Jill said...

Haha, fun! My cousin and his son had my aunt make them crocheted beard hats. I guess it's fun to wear fake facial hair :) And cute little models you have too!