Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bike vest

A while back I posted about this walking assist. I got the original tutorial from Make it and love it. I made it and didn't really use it much. Savannah decided she would hold off on walking until she was good and ready...almost 15 months old! However I have started to keep just about everything to reuse. So when my little guy started riding his bike, I pulled this out.

I just love those legs

I know it's flowers, but I was hoping he would only use it for a week or two (my hubby was not happy)

I re-sized the shoulder straps (I think they could have gone a little smaller) and added a handle to the back. It worked out great. We were riding without training wheels in less than one week. Now If I could get him to start on his own. It's kinda hard because he is really short (just like his mama). He is 4 and only in the 5% for his height. I have to say he is determined and really working hard on it.


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Jill said...

That's a good idea! I bet it saved him several scraped knees! Thanks for joining Idea Sharin' Wednesday!