Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh no...where is ducky

The last couple of days little Savannah has been sick :( But what has made it worse, yesterday we lost her ducky on our bike ride. She did pretty good last night, but this morning she was walking around "quak quak" I felt so bad.

My sick little girl, she has fallen a sleep each day when we bike to get Austin

The only picture I could find of the duck...We only allow the blankets out of the house when the kids are sick

So this morning I made a special trip to Joanns and went to work. I was most nervous about the face, but it seams the face was not that bad, but the feet and hands needed work. I bought the wrong silk edging so I will have to go back this weekend to get the right stuff. Also I tried to die the furry side yellow and it didn't work. I have not had much luck with coloring fabric, I don't know what I am doing wrong. She was pretty happy when she got up from her nap." target="_blank">Sumo's Sweet Stuff


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Jenny said...

Oh no, not a lost lovey! If she doesn't take to your new one, you might be able to find one like her's on ebay. Have you checked there?