Friday, September 17, 2010

birthday presents

On Tuesday my oldest daughter came home with a birthday invitation for today (Friday). Talk about not much time to get something together for the birthday girl.

I was a little nervous to make something for the girl. Not sure how she would take getting something homemade and not store bought. I don't want my daughter to be the talk of the party in a bad way ya know? But with not much time or funds that was the only option. I do believe my daughter is a little jealous and would like every single one of the hair accessories we made together last night.

I told her she could make her own later on, but we had to focus on the birthday girl right now. I love the way everything came out.

For the first one I used this tutorial from A Lemon Squeezy Home supper easy and fun

The second one I think is my daughter's favorite from Two Little Bugs Clothing Co.

This one I just did on my own. Nothing fancy I used fabric from my daughter's birthday outfit. With burning the the edges with a lighter and hot gluing on 2 faux pearls.

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JKMommy said...

You are Sooo crafty!! I just tagged you in a blog post to share your blog with my readers. Please feel free to respond with a blog post of your own!