Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Hi there...I'm so sorry it has been a long time since I have posted anything new. There are many many reasons...all so good.

First we went on vacation for about 2.5 weeks then right before we left for vacation we found out the my husband got a new job in....FL.!! I had joined a group swapmamas which was taking up all my time...I have since stopped.

So when we got back, we were and are still pretty busy with getting the house ready and on the market. I have been crafting but finding the extra time posting that's a challenge!

My husband left yesterday for FL while the kids and I stay back until we find a house so I am anticipating a lot of crafty nights after the kids go to bed.

I thought I would share some photos of things I have been working on in the past month.

A cupcake hat I made by myself with no pattern for a mama on swapmamas and then she didn't want now it sits. I think it's cute but I'm moving to Florida so I don't think we need it

A cow hat made for a mama on swapmamas. I made this off a pictures she provided me (I have no idea where she got it). But it turned out pretty cute.

More Owl hat's for the mama's on swap mamas. Now that I am not doing swap mama's I hope to have some in the etsy shop. I have been using this pattern

This was for a mama on swapmamas. I used Jill's tutorial again the only thing I changed was I added a strip across the front for toys to hang.
For the same mama I made cloth wipes out of her left over fabric from the highchair. I am getting better with the serger. I have not figured out about going around corners yet.

We had a Mickey and Minni mouse birthday party to attend, where you were suppose to wear Minni and Mickey mouse. I got my idea from here I followed exactly for the ears however I did my own thing for the skirt and bloomers. I so love the bloomers. I traced a pair of shorts, but I made them longer and then I put trim around the edge and elastic so cute.

For the older kids we tie died the shirts in the back yard which the kids did them selves, then when that process was all done I used a bleach pen to put Mickey mouses head on it.
A Teepee I made for a little boy's birthday...look at all the toys in the you know why it has taken me a long time to get ready to sell. I did use a pattern I just have to find the link...give me one day and I will reference it.

ok found

Once again thank you for everyone hanging around

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