Thursday, September 16, 2010

highchair cover

I am supper excited about this one. Mostly because I concord 2 of my fears.

When Austin was born I got a great highchair from my mother in-law. We never had any problems with it, maybe that was because my son never ate...he was even in the hospital as a newborn for failure to thrive. Then came Savannah who eats every chance she gets. And she insist on feeding herself. Then came the problems, the food was getting caught in all the little places and mold started to form. I just could not keep it clean. So for her birthday I got her a new chair. The wooden one made by stokke. I love it. I got it used in excellent condition.

When I got it home I wanted to make a cover and I was excited because Joann's by me has finally started to carry oil cloth. So I bought a yrd. and went to work. I just traced the seat and back. I added snaps, so I could take it off and then the hard part...I finally did button holes. I always did everything I could to get away from them. I was having such a hard time. But I got it, I got it! So exciting, it opens up a new world for me. So I managed to succeed with the oil cloth and button holes!

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