Friday, April 30, 2010

Ruffled hat Tutorial

I was recently asked for a Tutorial on the ruffled hat I made here. I tried to write on the photo as I went, but I don't like how that came out. So I will write under the picture instead. The white hat was made with a white men's t-shirt, which gives you a lot more stretch then the tank I chose for this pink one.

I traced an old hat and added a little to each side and height because it was for 0-6 months. I folded that pattern in half

Grab an old t-shirt

make sure all ends are even, fold the t-shirt over and place pattern piece on top, on fold. If you do it this way both piece will be cut out at the same time

after you cut out this is what you have

cut 1.5 in strips out of the rest of the shirt

All the strips cut

Sew down middle of each strip

Find the bobbin thread and Pull, scrunching fabric to get the ruffles

Starting at bottom use zig zag stitch, slightly stretch the hat part as you sew, so you don't loose the stretch in the hat

All ruffles sewn to hat pieces

Lay right sides together and sew using zig zag stitch, slightly stretching again

Trim around seam

Turn right side out.
All done!


inday_adin said...

Thanks for sharing! That is such a cute ruffled hat. Cute baby as well:) hehehe... :) She looks like she was about to cry. :(

Adin B

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

Thanks for writing this up Amy! I think I am going to try it. Maybe it will help me get over my fear of ruffles. Oh and by the way, love your tops! Did you enter them in the Spring Top Week on Made by Rae?


craftedbymama said...

I hope it comes out for you. I would love to see it, if you make one. I entered the purple one in the spring Top Week, but not the black one. Thanks for the complements.