Friday, April 30, 2010

car cozy

My son has 2 of these play mats:

a big train table:
(don't mind the mess it's the play room)

but he was choosing to play with this:
(growth chart that I never hung up)

I think he like this because he could take it with him. So after searching the internet I found a car cozy that I like and thought he might like as well. Over a fiskarscraft I found one I liked best. I changed a few things up, but not much. I put a fire house and our house instead of the pond and construction site. I didn't have a shoe lace so I used a pony holder. I also only used 2 fabrics. I used Velcro instead of tie's. I have plans to add long ribbon with Velcro on the ends to close it.

I knew this was my task last night after the kids went to bed, so before he went to bed I told him I had a surprise for him. His response was "what are you making me". I love that he expects things to be made and not always bought and knows that I make them for him. So first thing this morning he was asking for his surprise. "I love it mommy".

It was a big hit!! Both kids loved it

I didn't add the buttons and pony holder until the morning. So the first couple photos don't have them on, but this last one does.

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