Monday, April 5, 2010

diy baby wipes

I work part time as a nurse and at my job we make our own baby wipes, so I started to do so at home. This is so much more coast effective. 1 roll of paper towels will get you between 5-6 wipe containers and you can fit more of your home made wipes in the containers than what you buy.

you need:

7.5ml baby oil
7.5ml baby soap
1.5 cup water
paper towels (pick a size)

everything you have on hand right?

1. mix all ingredients
2. fold the pick a size like shown
(you can use any size of paper towels, and cut them this just makes it quicker)
3. stack in container
4. pour mixture in container (until as wet as you would like)
I like to stack in sections. stack some, pour, stack some pour


you can use any size paper towels. The pick a size just makes it easier and fits nicely in the containers.

I like to use her lavender soap, it gives them a nice smell

to get the towels evenly wet stack a little at a time and pour a little at a time. I like to stack in sections. stack some, pour, stack some pour

use an old medicine syringe and set aside to use each time to get the right amount

Get a good sturdy brand, no store brand.

lay long ways fold each end into the middle

folded left side
folded right side
That's it

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Amy Bowman said...

thanks for sharing, sent this on to my prego sister:)