Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stowaway baby doll

When Heart + Sew posted about the doll suitcase she made her darling daughter I just new I wanted to make one for Savannah when she was old enough. I forgot all about it and then Prudent Baby featured it. Then I was on a mad hunt to find a suitcase. Not so easy. After much searching I came up with this cool purple one. It's a little bigger than I was looking for, but hey beggars can't be choosers.

Mine is not quite as detailed as Stacy's, but I have never been to much into details (which posses a problems sometimes). The one room I really wanted to do the kitchen, I didn't even get to. I have everything cut out, but I had enough. Maybe for her birthday I will complete it. I am thinking I want to do a back yard. I am going to wait and see if she really plays with it, before I put much more work into it. I do want to add many details to the next room, I think that's what makes it so fun.
So here is my front room. I tried to do something different, not sure if it worked. My thought's were the little black box would be a tv?? I didn't add the light above the door, started to and felt I just couldn't stitch such detail without messing it up.
I had this white fluffy stuff, I must have picked up at the reminents and thought it would make the perfect rug
and the bedroom, for the most part came out like I wanted, except the bed blanket was suppose to go to the floor. The black frame is suppose to have a family photo in it, I'm working on that...out of ink:)

One of the hardest things for me was getting the foam board to fit just right.

I went a head and made her a black apple doll as well. The doll was fun and easy, next time I'll get a little more creative with her. Sure wish I could put a face on her. Last time I tried something like that it destroyed the doll though. My little guy made a scarf for the doll as his Christmas present to his sister. He is so proud of it. I made just a few little items to play with, but more are needed.

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Stacy said...

great job, i am sure your daughter will love it!!!