Tuesday, December 20, 2011

learning tower

I am not so sure that my husband likes Pinterest. I always have projects going but until I found Pinterest they were all my own. Several times this year I have had to go to my husband for help. I have to face it, when it comes to wood...the end result is not good.

So the first project he helped me with was for Savannah. The learning tower from Ana White. It was pretty easy to follow, but a little more expensive than I thought it would be, probably because I wanted the hinges. I wanted to be able to keep it and not get give it away like so many other things when the kids are done using them. I think this will be something we can pass down to our grandchildren. I know a long, long way off, but I always think ahead. We followed it pretty much to the T. We put it together and then I took it apart to paint. I am so excited. Even though this one is for Savannah, I think Austin will enjoy it as well.

The photo's don't do it justice, but I could only get 1 photo before it was put away for the big day. I am sure I will get many more of it in use.

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