Wednesday, December 21, 2011

pallet transformation

ok, so this has been done for a while, but I am just starting to get back into the blogging. Finding time for everything is hard!

So The inspiration came from Sweet Serendipity. I enjoyed doing a few things for the house this past summer. I see many more things coming for the house.

In Florida, pallets and spring just go together, so they are pretty easy to find. This pallet was sitting on the side of our road for about 2 weeks before I went down in the dark and had my husband jump out of the car and take 2 and place them in the van. There were 3 or 4 then. The next day they were even closer to the street I guess hoping someone would come take the rest. I was unsure if they really wanted someone to take them or not. See when you get your sod if you turn in the pallets you get $5 per pallet. The other pallets sat there for a few days and when I worked up enough courage to take the rest, they were gone. But I still got this beauty with 2 pallets and some left over pieces.

So, mine doesn't have as much meaning behind it. But I tried to put some meaning to it, by using words that were important to us as a family and values I wanted my kids to know.

Mine hangs in the dinning room and on several occasions my little guys talks about the words and what they mean.


Julia said...

Hi this is Julia from Sweet Serendipity and I appreciate you featuring me on your blog...I also wanted you to know the pictures are missing from your post and can't wait to see the finished project!!!

craftedbymama said...

Ok, lets try this again. As of right now I can see the photo's. Not sure what happened the first time