Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rainy days

My little guy started kindergarten this year. He was so excited. We only live about a 2 minutes drive from the school and a lot of people bike so we thought we would join in. I use to bike him to preschool last year and that was 2.5 each way. He bike it as well, no trailing behind for him.

Anyway, there are still quite a few that drive and I tell you what, it would take me 45 minutes to drop him off and pick him up and even worse on bad weather days. NO THANK YOU! Can you imagine all the gas and time this people was and then the poor siblings sitting in the car. I think the earliest I have seen a car is 215 and they don't even start letting out until 250. So, I was finding our little family in need of some rain gear.

I was nervous and excited to start this project. I started off small, with a cover for the smallest one. I had everything on hand and I figured no big deal if it didn't come out right. Since the material was just sitting there.

A picture of my bike, I can't find another view even though I know I have plenty

For the bike cover, which could probably be used for a stroller as well, as long as it had a hood. I measured the front part of the hood then the sides. I then measured from the hood to were I wanted the clear part to end. I made all my cuts from the clear Vinyl, then stitched the three pieces long sides together. I measured the width of the clear Vinyl and then how long I need it to be in order to go over the foot plate. I cut that piece, made a casting for elastic, stitched the other end to the Vinyl. Now to attach it, my hood had Velcro on it for a rain cover you could purchase, so I stitched a line a Velcro at the top and there you go. I punched holes and cut out a window for ventilation.

Next I attacked my rain coat, for several reasons first, I actually bought a pattern, at the cost for the material, I did not want to mess up. Second if I needed to I could leave the little one at home and put my big guy in the bike. I bought both Amy Butler fabric and the rainy days pattern. For the linning, I got something at Joann's (more affordable). Loved the partern and the material. I omited somethings bast of off material and sizing. Like the darts down the back. I was worried about my frame being bigger on the bottom and it not going over my bum. Then I cut the back piece on the fold. I spent so much time trying to figure out how to line my fabric up so they would match on the seems with no luck. I didn't want a big seem down the back that didn't match. the next thing I eliminated was the belt. I am primarly using it to bike and the last thing I needed was to worry about getting it stuck someplace, like in my tires. I may go back and do it later, if I find myself wearing the coat often. Because I eliminated the pleats in the back the coat is not so form fitting, but that is good for me.

This was the first time I covered buttons...I love them, I see more in my future. The button holes...a breeze thanks to my new machine.

Next up my big guys, talk about hard. It's hard enough to find cute boy fabric for just regular items, now add laminated and see how hard it is. Most everything was floral! But this here is Michael Miller, and he loves it. I bought 2 yards and it was plenty with some left over. I see some snack bags coming.

So for his, I just traced a coat from last winter. I kept it pretty simple. 2 pockets on the outside. The hood doesn't come as far up as I would have liked, but it works. I made the sleeves extra long, at the rate my guy grows he will be able to wear this coat for a long time. I ended up with snaps. I had wanted to do a zipper, thought I found one in my stash, put the first side on and then realized it didn't open! So, off it went and back to the drawling board. I had not completed my button holes yet (I was putting it off), if I had I would have just done the covered buttons. But hind sight is 20/20! And I settled on snaps.

I have the pattern I made and can give step by step instructions if anyone likes...does anyone read my blog anymore?? My fault I know I'm not consistent enough:)

I think I will be making 1 more for the little girl when we are out and about.

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Anonymous said...

I love how your rain coats look!!!

PLEASE do a tutorial!!!! I would especially love your tips for using laminate fabric!

Thank you for sharing!!

Erin of said...

This is such a fun and functional project. I can only imagine the wonderful memories the two of you will have biking to school together. I would love for you to link your post up at my Savvy HomeMade Monday blog party at

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