Wednesday, June 1, 2011

skirts and more skirts!

Boy do I love livin in Florida!! I think I need to find a way to balance inside and outside activities though. It appears we are outside so much that, all the things we use to do inside are put to the side. Things like TV show's, wii, board games, cleaning, computer and more. Not so bad for the kids, it just seems I'm slacking a little.

Ok, So even though I have been slacking here are a few things I have made. I am sewing like usual, but not finding the time to blog about them, which I do miss.

So for today I am cramming skirts all into one post.

This first one is actually for me, however after this post, I decided I would not model for the blog anymore. Why not have my daughter do it, since she loves it and I can make items fit her like other photographers (using close pins).

So using this tutorial. Got me this beauty and I love it. I couldn't be happier with the end result. And better yet, I was able to salvage an failed attempt at a maxi dress. So I was a very happy girl.

The rest were for my 12 year old daughter. We went to the fabric store and boy did she have high expectations of her mama! The original idea was for her to pick a project to sew. I am trying to teach her, but she always goes for the hard stuff. She originally wanted a form fitted dress with a zipper down the side . I finally got her out of the store with this fabric and her giving up and mama sewing it for her. We will keep trying. No pattern or tutorial used. I made it up as I went along. 2 rectangle pieced of fabric, bottom gathered and a zipper in the back, which looks way crooked.

It is kinda short, but right now her goal short as accepted at school. No more than 4 inches above the knee.

This was originally for me, however I made it to short. Pretty easy, I took 2 different types of lace tea died them (or should I say try). 1 type of lace would not color at all! Anyway I used a liner and stitched the lace to it, then did an elastic band. I made this last summer, but it just sat in the closet. Then one day when I was out shopping I found this and thought I could make the one in my closet work for my daughter.

This one is the ever famous circle skirt from Made.

Of course I had to shorten it, to make the "current style"

I have to say, I am enjoying making clothes for my oldest. She brings me a challenge at times and I don't want to let her down. After she wore these skirts to school, a couple of her friends were asking if I could make them skirts. I turned them down for now, maybe later when I am not so scared of rejection.

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Abby said...

You did a great job on all your skirts! I'm so glad the tutorial was helpful! =) The lace skirt is so pretty, think I may have to try that!

PoldaPop said...

What type of material did you use for the maxi skirt? I'm looking to make one out of cotton lawn, and the Sew Much Ado tutorial uses a jersey. I wanted to see if anyone had tried it with a non-stretchy material.

It looks great! And I love the print!