Thursday, June 2, 2011

A new sun hat

A recent favorite project has been this sun hat. I made Savannah one last year and it barely fit, but it worked. Last year I did not add straps and new this year it was a must. I made it this past Sunday, I really wanted it done before we did an entire day at the beach. Savannah is fair skin like her daddy and I was so Scared about her face getting burned.

She loves it and even asks for it at times.

I used snaps to add the straps. I really like the look of sun hats without straps. So in hopes that someday I wont have to use the straps:)

I am still experimenting with taking photo's

Outfit look familiar? I couldn't wait to make this one. But I will wait to blog on that for another day.

If anyone is interested in measurements or a how to let me know. I wrote things down, but didn't take pictures. But hey it wouldn't hurt to have a back up.

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