Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yoga style skirt

I am really trying with my photo's and here it seems that it is too too bright.

Last week my oldest actually asked for some skirts. I was thrilled, she hasn't wanted to wear skirts in about 5 years so I haven't made to much for her in the way of clothes.
Right away I went to work for her. So far I have made 2 (only showing 1 here) and she couldn't get into it fast enough.

For the most part I followed Make it and Love it's tutorial for a Yoga style skirt. Now I didn't use a t-shirt, We bought 1 yrd of jersey fabric we do have some left over. I don't feel like I got the band quit right, it feels a little big. I am making another one and will focus on that for her.

She likes to wear the band high (what ever floats her boat)

Show and Tell Green

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