Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter wreath

I don't think I used quite as many circles as she did. I would have loved to but I didn't want to buy more felt.

With the new house I have decided to try and decorate a with Christmas decorations down it is time to start.

After searching One Pretty thing I found this great I knew I found my perfect door wreath!!

I loved that I could do it any color (white was just what I had on hand), I think at some point I will try red :) I had the pins on hand, all I had to buy was the wreath form.

It was pretty easy and straight forward. I did take her suggestions on making the circles. In the post there was a link to another blog at maya* I didn't have ink on hand so I stamped mine with paint that I didn't think I would ever use again. I think it worked pretty well, take it easy on the paint so it drys fast. I also used a spray can lid for my circles.

I really need to find my wreath hanger for the door, but until then this will work

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Susannah said...

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