Saturday, June 19, 2010

A new dress

We are back from a little getaway and picking up Valerie. I like to go visiting, but it sure is nice to be home. Last week before we left I made a few things...3 outfits for Savannah and a dress for myself.

I liked the dress, but was not sure if it needed some extra work, but since I wanted it for the week, I wore it anyway. To my surprise, I had several people at the park ask me where I got it. When I told them I made it, 2 of them got my information to make them one. So I thought I would leave it just as is.

It really was very simple. I took 1.5 yard of linen fabric sewed it up the side (later found out that you have to, have to serge the seems, it is a must, if you are using linen) . Next I created an elastic casting for the top, then created an elastic casting for the smallest part of my middle. Then I finished my hem. When I thought I was done my husband said it needed some color, so I added a small belt. After wearing it, I think I might add a little slit, for easier walking.

This is the casting I made, on the inside of the dress. I used a scrap piece of material.

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Show and Tell Green


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Nancy's Couture said...

I L_O_V_E_ it!!!! It would be perfect for strolling along on the boardwalk!!!! I like the color pop with the belt too.

BJ_Mama said...

"SEW" cute! Thanks for sharing!

-JW-JS-AM-JCW- said...

It looks so light an airy..definitely for hot summer days and nights!!

Judy said...

So simple but so cute! It also looks super comfortable!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Anne Maskell said...

Perfect for a hot summer! Would be fabulous as a swimsuit coverup. So simple to make, you could add three or four to your wardrobe very quickly. I'm visiting you with sew cute tuesday.

Paparazzimommy_Dayna said...

oh my gosh!! I need to lose weight just so I could make this and wear it!! lol beautiful

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm coming over from Make It, Wear It. This is lovely! It looks so lightweight and breezy. I love linen. :-)

nicoledemana said...

what a clever and ispiring post it is summer holls (vaccat) make I think I will put the casing under my bust as I am a larger lady and that will be more flattering for my figure thanks for the tute ttfn Nicole (UK)

Misty said...

Very cute! And it looks so comfy too!