Sunday, October 10, 2010

Left out?

So do you ever feel that you sew more for 1 child than another? I do! I feel like I sew more for the younger kids than my oldest :( It is simply because it is easier to sew for the younger ones, in my opinion anyway.

So the other night my oldest came out ready for bed in pants that were way to small. I think my 4 year old could have worn them. I said to her put pj's on that fit, her response "i don't have any". At first I was frustrated: Why hadn't she told me she needed new pjs, why hadn't I realized she needed new pj's? But then it gave me a reason to sew :)

I got a little scared to sew pjs for her, but in the end they came out cute and she loves them. I ended up making 2 pair. I just used fabric I had on hand. Now I will let her pick out some fabric to make her more. I didn't want to buy fabric and not be able to do it. They are kinda addicting, I think because they are quick. She wanted short pants since we are moving to Fl.

I did the usually and traced an old pair of pj pants for sizing. Which worked out great. The only thing I did differently this time was the way I put the pants together. When I first started to sew this technique got me so frustrated! this is actually the first time I have tried to sew pants since. But it is so easy once you do it.

1st: you want to sew your 2 pants completely up the outer side then sew from the croch to the feet

2nd: one pant must be right side and the other inside out

3rd: place the right side pant inside the other pant leg. right side of fabric together

4th: pin around it will look like a U and like 1 pant leg

sew and turn right side out

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cathy said...

Those came out cute. My oldest just told me she was out of pj pants too so I'm on the lookout for anything easy. What did you do for the waistband?