Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1st Halloween costume

My oldest wanted to be a vampire for Halloween. I thought this was great, all I had to come up with was a cape.

I looked on the internet for a tutorial and came up empty handed. Although I found a pattern at the store I wasn't willing to pay for it, since it seemed pretty basic. With that said I thought I would give a little tutorial for those that were not quite sure.

It totally came out by chance and she LOVES it! I like that it is not your traditional red lining and the black has sparkles. She can wear the collar up down.

I started with 1 yard of each fabric:

I layered the 2 fabrics right side together and folded in half

I cut about 8 inches off the top (I might skip this if there were a next time)

I used a bowl to round the bottom

I stitched our 3 sides leaving the top open

take the 8 inch pieces and cut the end on an angle to come to a point

I tapered the top to line up with the collar piece
and ironed on fusible interfacing

place the 8 inch peace inside the opening right side fabric together pin and sew, do this for both sides

This is the step that would have been easier if I left it attached and just tapered in and came to a point. Not sure if it would have worked.

cut slits around your rounded edges

Then turn and top stitch.

I didn't take a picture of the next 2 steps, mostly because I thought I was done. But it ended up to big. So I folded over the top by the neck and tapered it to mid way down and stitched down. Then I put and eye hook to hold it closed.

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Awesome cape!! I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing: